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Administration and Faculty

Administration Phone Number Email Title
Judy Grooms (318) 549-5385 Email Principal
Afiya Code (318) 549-5388 Email Assistant Principal
Eric Lee (318) 549-5386 Email Assistant Principal
Charlene Cooper (318) 549-5446 Email Instructional Coach


Counselors Phone Number Website Email Title
Gina Clinton (318) 549-5389   Email

All grades last name A-L,

Test Coordinator, 4-H Sponsor

Paula Taylor (318) 549-5445   Email

All grades last name M-Z,

 SBLC Chairperson


WebsiteWebFaculty Phone Number Website  Email  Title
Elise Aikens (318) 549-5437   Email Explorations and Journey to Careers
Scott Alexander 5411   Email 8th Grade Math
Tanya Bailiff (318) 549-5423 Website Email

7th Grade Math, Blue Belles, FCA, StarBase

Yvonne Barrier (318) 549-5431 Website Email

Gifted ELA AIM Teacher,

Yearbook, Military Club

Keith Bilbo (318) 549-5394 Website Email PE Boys, Football, Track
Kelly Birdsong (318) 549-5440 Website Email 6th Grade Science, STEM 1, 2, 3
Lynn Blumentritt (318) 549-5406 Website Email 7th Grade Math
Marie Boudreaux (318) 549-5413 Website Email 7th Grade ELA 
Melinda Brewster (318) 549-5421 Website Email 6th and 7th Gifted AIM ELA, BETA
Dana Bryan (318) 549-5403 Website Email 6th Grade Math and Math Honors, Starbase
Nolan Budgewater (318) 549-5436   Email Choir Director
Melissa Bullard (318) 549-5422 Website Email

7th Grade Math,

Girls' Basketball, Cross-Country, and Track

Christine Casey (318) 549-5427 Website Email  
Niki Conkle (318) 549-5387   Email ELL
Lorand Csoma (318) 549-5395   Email

6th Grade Social Studies,

Boy's Basketball and Track

Amy Dickerson (318) 549-5404   Email 6th Grade Math and Math Honors
Kathleen Dollar (318) 549-5414 Website Email 8th Grade Math
Brandi Dye (318) 549-5391 Website Email Girls' PE, Cheer coach, JS2S, Cross Country & Military Club
Traci Ellis (318) 549-5417 Website Email 8th Grade ELA and ELA Honors
Donna Harris (318) 549-5387   Email Speech Therapist
Pam Hauer-McBroom (318) 549-5405   Email 7th Grade and 8th Grade Social Studies
Shauntell Hawkins (318) 549-5433   Email

7th Grade Math,

Math Discovery Special Education Teacher

Nicole Heban (318) 549-5414 Website Email 8th Grade Math Special Education Teacher
Patrick Henagan (318) 549-5407   Email 7th Grade Social Studies
Rene Islas (318) 549-5438 Website Email Spanish I, Spanish II
Pamela Johnson (318) 549-5429   Email Special Education Teacher
Casey Lockhart (318) 549-5384   Email Special Education Teacher
Joanna Mangum (318) 549-5408 Website Email 8th Grade Science, Softball
Shannon Marcinkus (318) 549-5418 Website Email Algebra I, MathCounts
Johnathon Martin (318) 549-5426 Website Email

Algebra 2, Quest for Success, STEM 2, 3,

Robotics, CyberPatriot, & Keyboard

Kayla Miller (318) 549-5412 Website Email 7th Grade ELA, Jr. Beta Sponsor
Courtney Moak (318) 549-5430 Website Email 6th Grade ELA
Kristin Murphy (318) 549-5424 Website Email

Gifted AIM ELA, 4-H Club Sponsor,

Yearbook Sponsor

Suzanne Nerren (318) 549-5415 Website Email

8th Grade ELA,

Youth Legislature

Jennifer Porter (318) 549-5416 Website Email 8th Grade ELA, Archery Coach
Kevin Rabon (318) 549-5400   Email Band Director
Rhonda Samuels (318) 549-5397   Email Librarian, Youth Legislature
Erica Scott (318) 549-5432 Website Email 6th Grade ELA
Susan Simcox (318) 549-5402 Website Email 6th Grade Math, Pep Squad Sponsor
Ray Smith (318) 549-5410   Email

8th Grade Social Studies, Youth Legislature,

Football, Track, FCA

Brian Stinson (318) 549-2093   Email Special Education Teacher
Rita Sullivan (318) 549-5428 Website Email 7th Grade ELA
Mandy Thomas (318) 549-5409 Website Email 6th Grade Social Studies
Angel Turnbow (318) 549-5391 Website Email PE, Girls' Basketball, Cross-Country, Track
Elizabeth Vance (318) 549-5420 Website Email 7th Grade Science, Jr. Beta, FCA, Starbase
Ron Walsworth (318) 549-5401   Email PE, Boys' Basketball, Cross-Country, Track
Holly Ward (318) 549-5392 Website Email 6th Grade Science
April Yeager (318) 549-5419 Website Email 8th Grade Science