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Mr. Smith's History News

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Ray Smith


My name is Coach Ray Smith, and I teach 8th grade Social Studies. I begin my teaching career after I served 21 plus exciting years in the U.S. Air Force. It is my goal to help my students succeed in their educational journey and to spark interest in each student. Ultimately, I want to help them develop a foundation of skills that allow them to grow, prosper, and to be successful in life. If you need to contact me, the number in my room at Cope is 549-5410. Also, you can reach me through email at

2011 Bossier Parish Louisiana Council Social Studies

Teacher of the Year


Job Shadowing


8th-grade job shadowing is Feb 20. Job shadowing is a short-term experience designed to give students an up-close look at how an employee or group of workers do their jobs. Learners can observe people working in any type of job, in any industry. They have a questionnaire assignment to complete while job shadowing for a grade.


For one day, students "shadow" workplace mentors as they go through a normal day on the job. The learner observes the employee's work duties, interactions with customers or coworkers, meeting attendance, and other parts of the job. The program invites students to see firsthand how their skills and classwork relate to the workplace. They will have a reflection assignment to look back at their experience on what they liked and did not like about the workplace experience.


If absent, check for any assignments on your classes google classroom. Complete the questions listed for that day on the powerpoint as an exit ticket just like we do in class with a proper heading. Complete any handouts or vocabulary for that day. Remember for vocabulary you have to write one sentence for every vocabulary listed. Turn in all completed absent and late work to Mr. Smith or Mr. Fuller. Any assignment can be turned in late in my class until I give a drop-dead date. All late assignments will have 15% deducted from the total grade. 



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